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You’ve Got Questions – We’ve Got Answers

The following questions and answers are some of the most common that we receive daily. If you are still unable to locate an answer to your particular question here, feel free to email or call us. We are here for you!

Q. Why should I use CDL Job Offers?

There are many reasons for using CDL Job Offers.  We work with the wide specter of carriers, from top industry names, mid-size carriers, to a small family based trucking companies. We save you time by matching your exact employment needs and finding the best carriers and best driving opportunities in your area. Also, the fact that we pre-qualify you for these carriers, helps you gets through their hiring process much faster.

Q. Do I have to pay CDL Job Offers for getting me a driving job?

No, of course not. We are 100% free service to our drivers. We are paid by the trucking companies for application processing, pre-screening, and pre-qualifying candidates. We save them time by only submitting drivers who meet their hiring requirements and are specifically interested in their job opportunities.

Q. What is your hiring process?

Pretty simple. You just fill out one full application, and our experienced recruiters go through all current job offers in your area in order to find you the best driving opportunity.

Q. I need to start working as soon as possible. How do I speed up the hiring process?

Just complete the entire application online, making sure to provide specifics for all the previous employment, so as all the background details. Be responsive to your emails and phone calls. This will make things go much smoother, and it would help recruiters hire you really fast.

Q. How do I know which companies do I meet the requirements to work for?

You don’t need to know this. Our recruiters know all the specifics on the different carriers hiring requirements. We will match your experience and qualifications with all the companies that will consider you for employment. We will then present and explain each of the driving opportunities to you. This will allow you to decide which driving job feel like your best match.

Q. Do I have to fill out an application for each trucking company that I want to apply to?

A No, of course not. You only fill out one full application with us and then we pre-qualify you for different carriers and present you with the best driving jobs and current opportunities that you qualify for. From there, you choose which ones you like, we submit an already completed application on your behalf and help you breeze throughout the whole hiring process.

Q. Do you have a company that will hire me even with some bad things on my driving/criminal record?

We do have a wide variety of trucking companies and they all have different hiring requirements. Some carriers are stricter, and some will hire drivers with less than perfect history. Just fill out the application and be truthful about your background. Our recruiters work for you, and not against you. The more information recruiters know about you, the better chances they have to find the right job match for you. Also, it will save you a lot of time to have recruiters select and present you with only carriers that you qualify for.

Q. Do you have jobs in my area?

Most likely. Our job listings change daily as carriers notify us about positions being filled and others open up. Therefore, even in the rare case that you don’t see any openings in your area, please submit your full application so that you’ll be considered as soon as new openings come up.