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Experience a “No Risk” Drivers Hiring Opportunity

Wouldn’t it be great to have guaranteed hiring results – meaning ‘actual hires’ for the dollars you spend on hiring?

CDL Job Offers is here to help you cut your advertising budget and cut your in-house recruiting cost. Stop wasting time and money on ineffective advertising. Advertising on job boards, craigslist, recruiting websites, or in newspapers are not guaranteeing you any hires, and you still have to pay the monthly fees or flat fees for their services. With using CDL Job Offers, on the other hand, the only cost your company will ever see is when a candidate we send you officially qualifies as a driver by taking his 1st dispatch order.

Transform your drivers hiring process:
From HIGH cost, HIGH risk, LOW results



Driver Recruiting Partner

As your driver recruiting partner, we select, prescreen and pre-qualify drivers who are interested in the specifics of your company and your job opportunities. Not only we are getting you hires through the door faster, but we are getting you drivers who will stick around. By finding and hand picking drivers that fit with your business model we ensure much higher retention rate.

Our goal at CDL Job Offers is to provide effective hiring solutions and win-win results for both our carriers and our drivers.

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